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CPH is a full service design firm with in house resources that include architects, interior designers, MEP engineers, and structural engineers.  The team provides Concept /Final Design, Urban Design, LEED® Analysis and Design, Master Planning, Interior Design, Programming, Space Needs Analysis, Cost Estimating, and  Project Management services.

CPH is a multi-disciplined  firm with the capability to provide engineering services that include: general site, design traffic, transportation, process design, utility collection and distribution, MEP, structural, drainage/stormwater, and construction administration. Pharmaceutical Engineering jobs now available. Demonstrated knowledge of CanadianPharmacy Engineering standards.

Our team has provided quality surveying services for public and private clients for small to large projects.  CPH's surveying capabilities include GPS (global positioning system) and GIS (geographic information system), traditional total station surveying methods, the latest computer aided design software as well as High-Definition Laser Surveying

Our team includes landscape architects, planners, graphic artists, and design technicians. CPH has provided landscape and planning services for a variety of public and private projects that include: golf course communities, mixed-use centers, office, industrial / commercial developments, redevelopment, transportation systems, trails and public parks.

The range of Environmental capabilities that CPH provides covers all areas necessary to review, assess and manage a variety of environmental issues and studies. These services include Preliminary Ecological Assessments, mitigation, Resource Identification / Design Planning, Environmental Planning and permitting, Biological Monitoring, Water Quality, and Land and Forestry Management.




CPH has a wealth of expertise in the fields of retail, commercial, industrial, leisure and mixed use architecture, urban design, and sustainability. Our portfolio of completed projects includes commissions of every scale from small projects to major developments. CPH’s architectural and engineering team is focused on providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that serve our clients’ needs. CPH’s architectural services include:


Planning & Urban Design

MEP Engineering

Structural Engineering

Civil Engineering

Due Diligence/Studies

Landscape Architecture

Space Programming

Interior Design

Surveying & Mapping


Project Management

LEED Analysis & Design

Cost Estimating

BIM/3D Modeling



CPH has over 30 years of experience in providing design services for private and public clients, both in the United States and internationally.  Engineering Services Provided By CPH Include:

Master Planning (Site & Utility)

Site Check Studies

General Civil Engineering

Stormwater/Drainage Design & Studies

Transportation/Roadway Design

Preliminary Design & Engineering Studies

Traffic Planning/Engineering

Water/Wastewater Systems Design & Studies

Reuse Water System Design & Studies

Conveyance Systems Design & Studies

Structural Engineering


Construction Administration Services




CPH's surveying and mapping professionals include registered professional surveyors, survey technicians and survey field crews, all of whom are focused on providing quality surveying and mapping services.  CPH utilizes sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment and technology, such as GPS (global positioning system) and GIS (geographic information system), traditional total station surveying methods, the latest computer aided design software as well as High-Definition Laser Surveying, with a Leica Scan Station 2 Laser Scanner. The services performed for these clients range from large to small surveying projects that include services such as: boundary surveys, right-of-way surveys, utility locates, and topographic surveys, among others.

Design Surveys

Topographic Surveys

Horizontal Control Surveys

High Definition 3D Laser Surveys

Vertical Control Surveys

GPS Surveys

Subsurface Utility Surveying & Mapping

Boundary Surveys

Legal Descriptions

Sketches of Descriptions

GIS Mapping

As-Built Surveys

Quantity Surveys

Construction Surveys

Computer Mapping

Quality Control/Assurance

Peer Review

Aerial Photography

Property Transactions

Government Infrastructure Projects

Utility Improvements

Plat Review

The CPH Landscape and Planning departments are fully staffed with  landscape architects, planners, landscape designers, graphic artists, and design technicians.  The Land Planning team consists of individuals with extensive private and public sector experience.  This experience gives CPH a unique perspective and problem – solving approach to land design, entitlements, and project implementation strategies.  CPH’s landscape architecture and planning departments are rounded out by staff qualifications that include an on-staff horticulturalist, arborist/forester, GIS personnel, and environmental scientists.  CPH has provided landscape and planning services for a variety of public and private projects that include: residential and golf course communities, mixed-use centers, office, light industrial and commercial developments, historic renovations, transportation systems, and public parks.


Adaptive Reuse Studies

Entitlements Acquisition

Master Planning


Public Outreach

Development Coordination

Urban Design



Forestry/Land Management

Sustainable Design

Golf Course Planning/Design

Waterfront Development


GIS Mapping


Parks & Open Space

Sports Complexes

Water Parks/Aquatic Facilities

Natural Resource Management






CPH has the expertise and resources to assist with planning, permitting and maintaining your development project from inception through compliance. Our knowledge of environmental laws and regulations expedite projects through the permitting approval process. CPH offers a variety of services to our governmental clientele. Our experts routinely perform natural resource and wildlife monitoring and management, ecosystem restoration and management as well as compliance with regulatory approvals to help meet the needs of a community.

Impact Assessment and Permitting

Regional Impact Applications

Environmental Impact Statements &  Assessments

NEPA Compliance

Rezone Petitions

Wetland Resource Permitting

Surface Water Management/Stormwater Permitting

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

Corridor Location Studies/ PD&E Studies

Mitigation Bank & ROMA Permitting

GIS Mapping

Consumptive Use Permitting

Water Resource Assessment and Management

Surface Water Quality Analyses & Interpretation

Groundwater Quality Analyses

Stormwater Quality Analyses & Interpretation

Pollutant Loading Evaluations

Wastewater Discharge/Application Assessment

Eutrophication Studies

Sediment Analyses & Interpretation

Sediment Oxygen Demand & Nutrient Exchange Rates

Water Quality Based Effluent Limitation (WQBEL) Studies

Environmental Monitoring

Wetland Mitigation/Littoral Zone Establishment

Aquatic Biological Programs

Surface & Ground Water Compliance Programs

Stormwater Discharge Programs

Streamflow &  Velocity Programs

Industrial Effluent Discharge

Wastewater Application/Discharge

Biological Resource Assessment and Management

Environmental Constraints Analysis

Land Use/Vegetation Classification & Mapping

Wetland Jurisdictional Evaluation & Mapping

Wetland Hydroperiod Evaluation

Aquatic Ecosystem Evaluation

Threatened & Endangered Species

Habitat Value/Function Evaluations

Natural Systems Restoration/Mitigation

Tree Surveys

Forestry and Timber Management

Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site Permitting & Management

Salt Marsh/Wetland Restoration

Exotic/Invasive Plant Species Management

Prescribed Burn Management Planning


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CPH, Inc. (CPH) is an EEO/Affirmative Action Employer.